Our FREE one day conference will embrace the unique journey of motherhood, celebrate all women, and help prepare you for the future.

As Registered Nurses, we are committed to providing you quality, non judgemental information and support. This day will leave you feeling reassured and confident, as you move through whichever parenting stage you are in.

What will the day look like?

Join us virtually for a day of keynote and breakout sessions. You can choose the session that resonates with the stage of life you are in, we will have something for all women!

These are not just info sessions on our programs. Each session is designed to provide you will real education, to leave you feeling empowered and reassured.

Here are some examples of our sessions:

    • Preconception / Fertility
    • Prenatal education, including: c-sections, induction, high risk pregnancy, pain control
    • Sleep hygiene for infants and toddlers
    • Antenatal hand expression
    • Breastfeeding, bottle feeding and pumping
    • The difference between true colic, reflux, oversupply and tongue ties
    • The fourth trimester
    • Parenting, including: toddler tantrums, and our top three parenting tips
    • Toilet learning, including: parent and toddler led methods
    • Infant & child CPR and choking
    • Starting solids
    • Returning to work / Separation anxiety
    • Keeping kids safe online

    Attend for FREE or purchase a ticket to receive the full recording in support of a local charity (100% of all funds raised will be donated after the event).

    If you are seeking extra support on your parenting journey, 

    we've got you covered!  

    The Mama Coach is North American wide, providing Covid-19 compliant virtual support to meet all of your parenting needs.

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    The Mama Coach

    Committed to Making Motherhood Easier


    Registered Nurses, Educators, Supporters

    Provide evidence informed advice and zero judgment



    We can work with you virtually any where in the world



    It is always the right time to ask for the help and support you need in order to feel better about your parenting journey


    Knowledge is Power

    We believe that by giving parents access to evidence informed information it will enhance your experience as a parent

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